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Meet FigMagic

The gamechanger for Freelancer, Startups & Agencies

FigMagic is a new and magical way to set up Figma projects for new clients or projects and build high quality and state of the Art UI Designs with ease and fun. Deeply based on all the great new features of Figma - FigMagic became one of the most powerful Figma UI Kits on the market in 2022.

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It´s all up on you

Design with no limit

FigMagic brings all the Power of Figma together and lets you build high quality and pixelperfect UI designs in just a few minutes.

If you also always thought about a powerful and helpful timesaver than FigMagic is for you. Set up pages like this with ease, pixelperfect, pre-animated - just cool... Working with FigMagic is just more fun than work :)

BTW.. All in Light & Dark Mode.

You already heard it

Dark or light side with just 1 click

When ever you start a new projects you maybe want to see how it could work in a dark or light mode. It helps to decide a direction and a look and feel. Maybe you plan both options. FigMagic is prepared for you so changing everything to Dark Mode takes just one toggle. Just try it ...

Endless possibilities

Endless possible variations

FigMagic offers a huge range of possible variations for each component. Based on nested components and the powerful features of Figma you will find endless variations to create almost any kind of look and feel you need. All of the 70+ components are powerful like this. And this fully responsive without breaking anything. Everything set up also in Dark and Light Mode. It´s just super cool. :)

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Magically powerful

Set up your brand with ease

Setting up a project for a new brand is just a matter of minutes so you can directly start working on your design. Please watch the Video on top of the page to get a real idea how fast and easy it is to set up a brand.

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Super easy to use

Well organized and structured

It´s important to find what you need. With the clusters, namings, and preview we always have an idea what exactly we grab next. FigMagic is fully setup for fast and intuitive Asset usage.

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Present the way its needed

Wireframes in seconds

Sometimes it´s needed to present your work without image placeholder because you just want to present the UI to discuss the construction instead of images. WIth FigMagic its just a few seconds to bring your final design into a wireframe.

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Exclusive for Figma

FigMagic is build on the power of Figma.. Offering this UI Kit in other programs like XD or Sketch will not work the same way. Maybe time to switch :)

Made for myself

I actually start every project with a copy of FigMagic. For me it could not be easier to set up brand CI definitions.

Huge timesaver

Even when you save 2 hours in your preperation work FigMagic already made it :) FigMagic means time for other things instead annoying workload

Updated reculary

Make sure that you bring up bugs or requests to I am going to update FigMagic on a regular basis.

More time for other things

FigMagic will save you sooo much time that you can focus on other stuff instead of building unnessesary stuff.

Easy to customize

Everything within FigMagic is open to customize. You can always easily customize all assets in the Component area.

thanks to everybody who tried Figmagic

People who tried FigMagic

After working on FigMagic for a few month and shared it with some friends and partners i received some positive feedback. :) I also hope you will love it as well while working on your next project.

"I tried a lot of these Figma Kits, and this one feels really solid."

Mike Schäfer - UI Designer

"A great joy to work with."

Stephanie Semanti - UI / UX Designer

"You focused on the important core parts instead of overloading the DS. 👍"

Steven Lang - Founder

"I really love the flexibility"

Ben Förster - UI Designer

"It saved us a lot of hazzle on our last job. "

Christine Williams - Agency owner

"No regret :)"

Martin - Just a friend
Start your next project with ease

You will love it as well - trust me :)

I totally trust FigMagic. If you really tell me that FigMagic will not save you time while preparing your new project please send me a mail on and i will give your money back. FigMagic comes with 2 license models. Single and Team License. Enjoy your copy of FigMagic.


FigMagic will be your timesaver.

This means you will have much more time to focus on other things. With this Single license you are ready to go without restriction where or how you use it.

59,00 €

79,00 €

FigMagic for Freelancer


As a company FigMagic is perfectly build to set up team internal Libraries.

Everything is prepared, named and organized. Just start your next project without preparing all the basics again. All without any kind of team size restrictions.

108,00 €

129,00 €

FigMagic for Teams